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for Sustainable Design

Design and develop your Products with GaBi Software

GaBi Software helps you to implement sustainable design.

  • Assert your competitive advantages by optimising not only technical and economic criteria, but also ecological aspects e.g. energy consumption, emissions or recycling potentials through Sustainable Design.
  • Convert mandatory requirements into business values and advantages by displaying your environmental
     performance, finding weak points and priority fields of action and enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Improve the coordination between your development, production, marketing and environment departments
     with the help of Sustainable Design.
  • Foster understanding of Life Cycle Thinking and integrate it into daily business practices on all levels.
  • Improve internal and external environmental communication with reliable information


Selected GaBi customers 

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What is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable Design blends environmental aspects into product design and development at a product's conception to enhance environmental performance throughout its lifecycle.

Sustainable Design highlights environmental potentials and weaknesses and thus provides important decision making guidance for product developers. This is particularly relevant when choosing material and production processes, recycling qualities or observing legal guidelines. Only through this kind of early consideration can environmental impacts be reduced to the greatest possible extent.

Our process begins by creating a customised Sustainable Design concept for your company.

We assess all environmental impacts, evaluate potentials to improve and detect weak points. thinkstep provides sound interpretations and support in reporting acquired results, e.g. by transferring them into automatic reporting tools (e.g. i-report) or into messages applicable to various stake-holders.



The thinkstep advantage

Sustainability Performance is now firmly on the agenda of all large and progressive companies. With over 20 years of expertise, thinkstep is the global leader in sustainability performance solutions. thinkstep offers a blend of sustainability software and consulting solutions for large and mid-market organizations across all industries.

As the only player with an end-to-end value proposition that addresses the specific product and corporate sustainability challenges in each industry sector, we can provide you with the expertise, life cycle database content, software solutions  and experience to succeed sustainably.



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